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7 Questions with Maggie Villamaria: December Edition

Maggie Villamaria is a creative in all aspects of the word — she is a forward-thinker when it comes to art of any kind, and her work is trailblazing. Her dynamic personality translates into her brand, but we want you dear readers to get to know her more as a person. So, our intern Noa Miller has begun a series in which every month, Maggie will be asked to answer questions. Read to see Maggie’s responses to our seven burning inquiries of December…

maggie villamaria

1. What is your favorite trend this winter season?

I really think the color red, in tiny touches. Red nails, a red lip—not that I feel like I can pull that off—and a tiny little red bag. 

2. Name three things that are always in your purse.

First is always a lip product. Right now, it's the Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Lip Stain. I feel like I talk about it all the time, it’s amazing. Second, I always have bubble gum—specifically the pink Trident bubblegum flavor. If you were to ask any of my friends, they would say bubble gum is me to a tee. And then third is definitely a good pair of sunglasses. Recently I’ve been carrying this pair of Bottega aviator sunglasses that I am obsessed with.

3. How would you define your brand in three words?

Playful, effortless, and funky. We are really leaning into the brand identity of helping people find their own style in a way that doesn’t have to be hard. We want to speak to these adjectives in the way people dress, in the choices people make, in what people do, and so on. 


4. Which pieces from your brand have you been styling a lot recently?

Definitely the Versailles Pearl Wrap Necklace. It's a long pearl necklace that you can wrap—twice if you want. It really goes nicely with tank tops, and that has kind of been my vibe lately. I haven’t been getting that dressed up. Most days I’ve been wearing a t-shirt with some sort of button up over it. And this casual look pairs perfectly with the Versailles Necklace.


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I’ve also been styling the Signature Heart Necklace on a Gold Chain. Honestly, I style these two necklaces together a lot. A majority of the outfits I have been wearing the past couple of months, I have either been wearing one of these necklaces alone or both of them together.


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The Signature Gold Heart Necklace looks really good with a cardigan—I like to button it up all the way, very Miu Miu-esque. I would also wear the Signature Gold Heart Necklace with just a plain t-shirt and a blazer.

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5. Diamonds or pearls?

If I had to choose, I am going to stay loyal to pearls. That’s also my birthstone so it just hits differently. Diamonds are great though.

mv signature gold heart necklace

6. Kiss Marry Kill: Heels, Flats, and Sneakers?

Oh, my gosh. This is really hard! I would definitely marry sneakers. Mostly because I live in NYC and I walk everywhere. Specifically the New Balance 9060 sneakers—I wear them to the gym and also to meet my friends for coffee in a pair of trousers.

I would kiss heels. No one should be going out in anything but a heel—it can be a platform, a kitten heel, or whatever you want because the heel range is so wide! As a 5’4” girly, I just have to choose heels over flats.

And I’d kill flats because sadly they don’t do anything for me.

7. What’s being heavily played on your playlist right now

Specifically when I work out I have to listen to Drake or Migos or Nicki Minaj. Nicki’s album Beam Me Up Scotty is being heavily, heavily played right now. If I am just walking on the street I’m probably listening to The Mel Robbins Podcast, it is my favorite podcast in the world. My sister and I have also been listening to The Product Boss podcast — it is incredibly educational for anyone that wants to launch a business or has one.”

Tune in next month for seven more questions and answers…

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