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About Us

From a passion for vibrant hues, fashion expressions, and artistic endeavors, Maggie Villamaria emerged as a small independent brand in 2020. Anchored in a love for colors that speak, styles that endure, and artistry that captivates, we stand as a conscious force, dedicated to embracing slow fashion in all its forms.


Maggie Villamaria is a joint effort, coalescing under my guidance and with the invaluable assistance of my sister, Sara. At present, I, Maggie, personally craft each beaded jewelry piece by hand. The genesis of every print originates as a mere doodle or drawing within my sketchbook, ignited by the influence of my personal fashion icons and latest inspirations.


We invite you to journey alongside us, wrapped in the embrace of colors that provoke emotions, styles that echo individuality, and artistry that fuels innovation. Here, authenticity finds its stage, and our creations are a symphony of inspirations, resonating with the soul of creativity.

Our philosophy is simple yet profound:

Embrace your passions, fuel your creativity, and embrace the essence of what makes you uniquely you.

How it started

How it's going