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Coats & Confidence: A Guide to Building Your Perfect Coat Collection

Whether you're a seasoned coat enthusiast, or just starting to explore the world of outerwear, you're in the right place!

When it comes to building a coat collection that resonates with you, it is crucial to understand your personal style and go for what you are inherently drawn towards. There are no rights and wrongs to this --- the beauty of it is that everyone likes different things. (That is what makes the world go 'round, after all!) 

A coat is the perfect way to connect practicality and style as it keeps you warm and simultaneously offers a layer of pizazz to your ensemble. Keep an open mind as you begin to craft your coat selection, and remember these three things:

1. Investment Pieces: Identify timeless styles that align with your taste.

2. Statement Coats: Embrace bold patterns, colors, or unique textures that express your personality.

3. Versatile Classics: Ensure your collection includes versatile options for various occasions and outfits.

Your coat collection is a reflection of your unique style journey. By knowing and trusting your personal style, prioritizing quality, exploring diverse sources, and curating essential pieces, you're on your way to creating a coat collection that excites and inspires you every time you step out. Take a look at these beauties and start adding...



Happy collecting!




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