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MV Packing List: What I Packed for Paris & Why It Was Perfect (and What I'll Remember for Next Time)

I recently had the privilege of visiting Paris and as any fashion enthusiast would tell you, packing for this city is both an art and a science. I carefully curated my suitcase to ensure that I could effortlessly blend in with the effortlessly stylish Parisians while exploring timeless streets. Here's a peek into what I brought and why these fashion essentials were perfect for my Parisian adventure.

1. The Classic Blazer

Why I Packed It:

A blazer is the epitome of Parisian style - refined, polished, and endlessly versatile. Whether I was strolling through the Louvre or sipping espresso at a quaint café, my classic blazer instantly elevated my look. Its timeless charm perfectly complemented the city's architectural wonders.




2. A Straight Baggy Jeans

Why I Packed It:

Jeans are a traveler's best friend, and in Paris, they're no exception. One of my all-time favorite pairs of jeans from Citizens of Humanity was my top choice for this trip. These jeans offered unbeatable comfort and wearability as I strolled through the picturesque streets of Montmartre, experiencing its artistic charm. The best part about these jeans? They feel like I'm wearing sweatpants – not too tight, just perfectly relaxed. Versatility is key when selecting pieces for your suitcase, and these jeans tick all the right boxes. Whether I paired them with sneakers for daytime explorations, loafers for a touch of classic Parisian flair, or heels for a girl's night out, these jeans effortlessly complemented any shoe choice. That's the kind of flexibility every traveler needs in their wardrobe.


3. Mango's Pocket Tweed Jacket in Red

Why I Packed It:

Mango's Pocket tweed jacket in the season's most captivating shade of red was a showstopper in Paris. Its tweed fabric, metallic buttons, and frayed finish added a touch of sophistication to my look, while the four patch pockets on the front lent a sense of practicality. Whether I was exploring the Seine's riverbanks or enjoying a leisurely brunch in Le Marais, this jacket made a bold yet stylish statement.




4. Mule Heels

Why I Packed Them:

In the City of Light, a little heel goes a long way. These elegant mule heels, with their chic slip-on style, not only elevated my look but also complemented various outfits effortlessly. Whether paired with slacks for a refined daytime ensemble, jeans for casual exploration, or a dress for a night out on the town, these heels proved to be the versatile, go-to choice for all occasions in Paris. Their timeless design and exceptional comfort truly made them a standout addition to my Parisian wardrobe.




5. Classic Pumps

Why I Packed Them:

A pair of classic pumps is a Parisian must-have. Whether I was savoring macarons at Ladurée or wandering through the Palace of Versailles, my pumps added a touch of sophistication to every step.



6. A Simple Black Ribbed Tank

Why I Packed It:

A black ribbed tank is a wardrobe essential that effortlessly transitions from day to night. It was my go-to piece for layering under blazers or standing alone as a chic, Parisian statement.




7. The Bags I Wished I'd Brought (And the One I Did)

Why I Wished I'd Packed Them:

As I navigated the charming streets of Paris, I couldn't help but wish I had brought a selection of stylish bags to complete my looks. While my vintage yellow Chanel purse accompanied me to Paris, I definitely wished I had included more options to fit the various occasions and moods. If I return to Paris, I'll definitely remember to include a mix of classic and contemporary styles, making sure I have the right bag for every occasion. 



8. Plus, Exclusive Jewels

To add a touch of glamour to my Parisian looks, I couldn't resist packing my exclusive jewelry collection, set to release next week on October 9th. Crafted with exquisite details, these pieces seamlessly blend into the Parisian chic and style, featuring a range of gold and silver designs, as well as classic pearls. Whether paired with my blazer and tank for a night out in Paris or integrated into my daytime looks, these jewels effortlessly elevated each outfit, infusing them with a hint of Parisian charm and a dash of glam. 

In the end, my packing strategy for Paris revolved around versatility, comfort, and timeless style. Every piece I brought was carefully chosen to allow me to effortlessly blend into the enchanting backdrop of Paris while staying true to my own fashion sensibilities. From art to architecture, cuisine to couture, Paris is a city that leaves an indelible mark on your heart - and what you wear while experiencing it is part of the magic. So, the next time you're bound for Paris, remember these essentials to ensure you're ready to embrace the city's incomparable fashion culture.

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