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Transform Your Rental Space: A Creative's Guide to Making it Feel Like Home

Living in a rental apartment often means adapting to pre-existing decor and layouts that may not fully align with your personal style and creative spirit. As a creative professional, I understand the importance of having a living space that not only feels comfortable but also inspires artistic expression. Over the past three years, I've discovered a simple yet profound way to make your rental space feel more like home: hang your artwork!

The Power of Personal Artwork

For far too long, my New York City apartment was filled with big generic posters and photo prints that didn't resonate with my creative energy. It was a space that lacked the personal touch I craved. However, everything changed when I decided to replace those mass-produced pieces with my own artwork.

Creating Your Personal Oasis

Hanging your artwork is more than just decorating your walls; it's about creating a personal oasis within your rental space. Here's why it's worth the effort:

1. Infusing Your Personality: Your artwork reflects your unique perspective, experiences, and emotions. By displaying your creations, you infuse your living space with your personality, making it truly your own.

2. Transformative Energy: Your apartment becomes more than just a place to sleep; it becomes an immersive environment where you can fully embrace your creativity. It's like living in your own sketchbook, surrounded by the art that fuels your passion.

3. Inspiration Abounds: When your own artwork adorns your walls, inspiration is always within reach. Your living space becomes a constant source of motivation, encouraging you to explore new creative avenues.

The How-To

Hanging your artwork doesn't have to be a daunting task. Here's a simple guide to get you started:

1. Gather Your Art: Collect your favorite pieces of artwork, whether they're paintings, drawings, or prints. Choose pieces that resonate with you and represent your creative journey.

2. Framing Matters: Invest in high-quality frames that complement your artwork. The right frame can enhance the overall aesthetic and protect your pieces from damage.

A few frames I prefer:


3. Arrange with Care: Plan the layout of your artwork on your walls. Experiment with different arrangements until you find one that suits your space and style. Don't be afraid to mix and match sizes and orientations for a dynamic display.

4. Secure and Hang: Use appropriate hanging hardware to ensure your artwork is secure on the walls. Make sure it's level and well-spaced for a polished look.

5. Enjoy the Transformation: As your artwork graces your walls, take a moment to revel in the transformation of your rental space. You've turned a generic apartment into a personalized haven of creativity.

Making your rental space feel more like home is a rewarding journey, and hanging your artwork is a meaningful step in that direction. Your living space should reflect your personality and inspire your creative endeavors. So, go ahead—immerse yourself in your art, and watch how it transforms not only your space but also your creative energy.

By infusing your rental apartment with your artwork, you'll create a living environment that truly resonates with your artistic spirit. It's a step towards embracing your creativity fully and turning your apartment into a canvas of inspiration.

Remember, your rental space is what you make of it, and with your artwork adorning the walls, it becomes a place where your creativity knows no bounds. So, go ahead, hang your artwork, and live in your own sketchbook of creativity!



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