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As a radiant piece of the Spring 2024 collection, “Inner Renewal" stands at the intersection of vivid imagination and the artist's deeply personal journey throughout 2023. This limited edition piece, boasting greens, tranquil blues, and sunny yellows, emerges as a symphony of color in a world that often succumbs to the monotony of muted shades. "Inner Renewal" is a tribute to the artist's unwavering pursuit of showering our world with more color.

The canvas comes alive with a dynamic interplay of hues as each shade tells a story of growth, the beauty of embracing change and finding inner courage to explore that job or passion that tugs at your heart.

Interspersed among the greens and blues, the cheerful yellows add a touch of sunlight to the composition. These hues symbolize the celebration of small moments and the seasons of life—a palette chosen deliberately to remind the viewer of the beauty of saying yes to what lights them up.

As one of the twelve limited edition pieces in this exclusive collection, “Inner Renewal" is not just a painting; it is a reflection of your evolution and an invitation to embark on your own journey of self-discovery. With each stroke, this artwork captures the essence of new beginnings, making it a timeless and cherished addition to any art connoisseur's collection.


*Original Painting
*Size: 24"x36" - (24”H x 36”W x .75” inches)
*Medium: acrylic and oil pastel on stretched canvas
Please note that all art pieces are final sale as each one is meticulously hand-painted. We appreciate your understanding and support of our artistic process.


All pieces are handcrafted and made to order
Slight variations due to the individuality of each piece

Shipping & Exchanges

- Due to the detailed and hand-made nature of this product please allow 4-10 days for production before shipping.
- At Maggie Villamaria, we have a 14-day exchange policy for jewelry purchases.

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