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"The Field Down the Street" comes alive with a kaleidoscope of colors scattered along its surface, mirroring the artist's profound love for vibrant expressions.

Inspired by the artist's enchantment with color, "The Field Down the Street" encapsulates the essence of spring in the Texas sun. The dominance of bright yellow hues evokes the warmth and energy of the sun's rays as we shed the winter seasons and embrace the coming warmer months. Scattered throughout are splashes of various colors, like a playful dance of pockets of wildflowers in a Texas meadow. The painting becomes a celebration of the little things in life, inviting the viewer to rediscover the world with childlike curiosity and enthusiasm.

As one of the twelve limited edition pieces in the collection, "The Field Down the Street" invites observers to bask in the joyous essence of spring. The artwork serves as a visual reminder to embrace the genuine surprises and the inherent beauty of life, drawing the audience back to a state of excitement and appreciation for the world's vibrant details.

This painting goes beyond being a mere visual spectacle; it is an emotional journey that beckons the viewer to create from the heart. The openness to share vulnerabilities and connect through shared emotions transforms "The Field Down the Street" into a timeless piece, inviting a profound and personal connection between the artist and those who are captivated by its radiant allure.


*Original Painting
*Size: 20"x24" - (20”H x 24”W x .75” inches)
*Medium: acrylic and oil pastel on stretched canvas
Please note that all art pieces are final sale as each one is meticulously hand-painted. We appreciate your understanding and support of our artistic process.


*Safe Shipping: Your painting will safely ship in a sealed plastic sleeve protected by two boards and inserted in a shipping box.

Shipping & Exchanges

- Due to the detailed and hand-made nature of this product please allow 4-5 days for production before shipping.
- At Maggie Villamaria, we have a 14-day exchange policy for jewelry purchases.

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