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Measuring 30" x 40".

Step into a world where color rebels against the mundane, where hues burst forth in a riotous celebration of individuality. "Wilder Mind" is an abstract piece that transcends the ordinary, born from Maggie's passionate love of color in a world content with muted tones. This painting, awash in shades of pink and burgundy, stands as a vivid testament to the artist's rebellion against the status quo.

Pinks, ranging from delicate blush to bold fuchsia, intertwine in a dynamic dance with deep, luxurious burgundies. These colors command attention and demand appreciation. Each brushstroke seems to echo the artist's defiance, challenging the viewer to question the conformity of a world resigned to trends and uniformity of aesthetics.

The composition is an intricate tapestry of emotion and expression. Swirls of color evoke a sense of movement, as if the very essence of rebellion is captured in the fluidity of the paint. Splatters and drips cascade down the canvas, adding an element of controlled chaos that mirrors the artist's unapologetic embrace of a vibrant existence.

Maggie's Spring 2024 Collection is not merely just an array of paintings; it is a manifesto. It invites you to break free from the shackles of conventional thinking and revel in the beauty of a world painted in bold strokes of individuality. Let this artwork be a beacon, reminding us all that life is too short for dull hues, and that in embracing the full spectrum of color, we discover the true richness of existence.


*Original Painting
*Size: 30"x40"- (30”H x 40”W x .75” inches)
*Medium: acrylic and oil pastel on stretched canvas
Please note that all art pieces are final sale as each one is meticulously hand-painted. We appreciate your understanding and support of our artistic process.


*Safe Shipping: Your painting will safely ship in a sealed plastic sleeve protected by two boards and inserted in a shipping box.

Shipping & Exchanges

- Due to the detailed and hand-made nature of this product please allow 4-5 days for production before shipping.
- At Maggie Villamaria, we have a 14-day exchange policy for jewelry purchases.

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