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7 Questions with Maggie Villamaria: February Edition

Welcome to the vibrant world of Maggie Villamaria, where creativity knows no bounds and curiosity fuels every endeavor. In this monthly installment of "7 Questions with Maggie Villamaria," we delve into MV insights, anecdotes, and perhaps a sprinkle of her trademark quirkiness. From her latest infatuations to her self-improvement efforts, each question unveils a new facet of Maggie Villamaria’s colorful personality. 

1. What are you obsessed with right now?

Because I just moved to Austin I might as well shout out Local Foods — it is so fresh and so healthy. Sara (my sister) and I order from there probably 4 times a week. We’ve been getting the Winter Harvest salad and the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich… both of these are amazing! Also, LMNT. It is an electrolyte drink and I drink it every single day; it helps brain function and I feel so much better drinking it after working out. 

2. What inspired your new art collection?

Art for me is a really deep, personal journey and experience. Anytime I release a collection, it reflects what I’m going through in that moment, what I am feeling in that moment, and what I am doing in that moment. There is never a specific “thing” that inspires my collections. It is more about my personal growth, my steps of confidence, and my understanding of self. My art is my way of putting the boldest and brightest version of myself out into the world, and that being accepted. My color choice definitely reflects the way I am feeling. I think anyone that is close to me has seen a sort of awakening in me over the last couple of months  this art collection is intended to resemble an awakening of any kind. 

3. True or False: All is fair in love and war?

I think false. You can’t go out and just do whatever you want — cheat, steal, kill, and so on.

4. What inspired you to delve into strength training, and how has it impacted your life?

A lot of us get to the point with our bodies where we are feeling like we are trying so hard, and working so hard, and nothing is moving the needle. For me, I was doing everything — cardio, HIIT, spin classes, pilates — and I just wasn't reaching my fitness and aesthetic goals. With the help of Sara, I started looking into what strength training really is, and what it would look like if I took a step back on all of this HIIT and intense working out that was killing my body. I was intrigued by the idea of using my fitness journey as a sort of meditative experience. Seeing women online like Rachel Dillon, Olivia May, Krissy Cela, I was inspired by how strong and uplifted they are. I thought to myself: maybe that is the secret. And so far I feel much better — more confident for sure. 

5. What is your favorite board game and why?

I don’t know if I would call this a board game, but recently we’ve been liking Code Names. It’s a fast and fun game.

6. You’ve mentioned on social media that you've been reading "Deep Work" by Cal Newport, and how it advocates for the idea of working deeply on tasks that truly matter while eliminating tasks that don't contribute to meaningful progress. How do you identify which tasks are worthy of your deep work focus, and how do you handle less important tasks?

It is kind of just the struggle of human life — deciding whether you are going to get caught up in everything, or if you are actually going to focus on the things that matter. If you have big goals and big dreams, “Deep Work” is your best friend. For me, deep work could mean spending an hour of undistracted time on my art or going on a walk by myself. To find the things that you are going to spend time deep working, you have to look at your priorities, your goals, and your dreams; you have to intentionally dedicate time to those things, knowing that it will push you towards what you want. It is not easy and I definitely struggle with this, being that it is hard to set boundaries when your work and life are intertwined. But that is the big thing: setting boundaries and taking deep work day-by-day, trying your best to avoid distractions and focus on devoting time to the things you really want. Give yourself grace! 

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7. Do you prefer Saturday nights or Sunday mornings?

Sunday mornings — I’m a grandma! If you asked me a couple years ago I would’ve said Saturday nights. But now, I love the mornings, I love solitude, and I appreciate the time I can be by myself. 



Tune in next month for seven more questions and answers…


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