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Cultivating Personal Style: Beyond Trends and Consumerism

In a world dominated by influencer consumerism and fleeting fashion trends, finding your personal style can seem like a daunting task. I recently took a moment to journal about my own journey, realizing that some of the influencers I admired weren't necessarily guiding me towards authentic self-expression. Instead, they often served as conduits for brands, and that realization became a path for a different kind of influence—one of self-discovery.

Discover, Don't Just Consume

For the longest time, I believed that emulating the consumerism-driven style of top influencers was the key to being fashion-forward. A shift in perspective, however, led me to see beyond the facade. The truth is, many influencers are caught in a dance with brands, often becoming puppets for the latest campaigns.

In this space, my aim isn't to influence you to buy more; it's to inspire you to find—find what genuinely makes you happy. It's a journey of self-discovery, asking yourself questions like: What do I like? What makes me feel good and confident? What unique aspects of myself do I want to share with the world?


Personal Style Is Not Trend-Based

The world of fashion is often seen as a thin ice rink of trend-based choices, where accumulation becomes the measure of style. However, the heart of personal style is about finding solid ground—the rich, fertile soil of your personal likes and interests. It's about stepping away from the world of trends and discovering the pieces that truly resonate with you.

In this soil, personal style begins to bloom, grow, and produce beautiful fruit. It's an organic, ever-evolving process that goes beyond the nature of trends and aligns with your authentic self.

The Joy of Self-Expression

The joy of cultivating personal style comes not from following trends but from expressing your unique essence. It's about recognizing the beauty in your individuality and allowing it to shine through your wardrobe choices.

As you embark on this journey, consider your personal likes and interests as guiding lights. What you wear should be an extension of your identity, reflecting the things that make you uniquely you. It's a celebration of authenticity, where your personal style becomes a canvas for self-expression.

In a world bombarded by influencer-driven consumerism and trend-based fashion, the true magic lies in cultivating your personal style. It's a journey of self-discovery, a process of finding joy in what genuinely resonates with you. So, let's step away from the thin ice of trends and onto the solid ground of our personal likes and interests. Here's to a wardrobe that blooms with authenticity and a style that reflects the beautiful uniqueness within you.




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